Susan-Sleep Consultant/Night Nanny

Baby sleep consultant

Child sleeping like a baby

You may be wondering "what a sleep consultant actually does"? If you are struggling to get your new baby into a regular sleep routine, you, and your baby are not getting enough sleep, or your older child, just will not sleep in their own bed; then a baby sleep consultant maybe just what you need.

Sleep is important for the welfare and development of your baby or child. A tired baby won’t feed properly, will be fractious, and in severe cases can be detrimental to their health. A sleep consultant will come to your home, and in the initial consultation, you will decide together the best way to implement a routine. Your problem may be very simple, and the sleep consultant may only need to be with you 1 day. More problematic cases may take as long as a week, or even longer. It may be necessary for the sleep consultant to stay overnight, causing as little disruption as possible. Whatever steps are needed, you can rest assured that her main aim will be to resolve your problems as quickly and professionally as possible. If you think a sleep consultant is for you, Susan will be happy to help.

Night Nanny

A Night Nanny is simply what it says, she will come to your home, stay overnight, and leave in the morning. She will normally arrive approximately 1 hour before your baby’s bedtime, and leave in the morning once your baby is dressed and fed. Her duties will include bathing, dressing, feeding, settling to sleep and night feeds. If this is for you,

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